How does it work?

Remember to wash the Ecofiltro every 6 months.
The Water purifier must never be washed with soap or bleach.

  1. The Water purifier should only be washed with filtered water and with a new sponge and placing it on a clean cloth, starting from the outside walls and then proceed to the inside. Remember to only grab the Water purifier from the edge with clean hands.

  2. Remember that the Water purifier must NOT be exposed to direct sunlight.

  3. Remember that the Water purifier should be replaced every 2 years.

  4. It has the same properties as any water purification filter.



For optimal and efficient results, we recommend the following:

  1. Check all the external parts that make up the Ecofiltro (lid, water container, and spigot).
  2. Take out the clay Water purifier from the box, but do not remove the green bag, which protects it from harmful sun rays; put it aside on a safe place. The Water purifier should NOT be washed the first time.
  3. Wash all the external parts of the Ecofiltro (lid, water container, and spigot) with soap, no matter which model it is.
  4. Let all the external parts dry face down on a clean cloth for 30 minutes.
  5. Install your Ecofiltro. Screw in the spigot, remove the Water purifier from the bag with clean hands and insert it into the water container.
  6. The water that you get from the first two days of using the Ecofiltro should be disposed of, or used to wash fruits and vegetables, or to water plants.

The Ecofiltro can purify water from almost any source (well, faucet, river, lake, pond, rain, etc.) with very rare exceptions, such as salt water from the sea. If the water has too much soil in it, we recommend putting it through a clean cloth to avoid small stones and solid materials from clogging the pores of the filter.

If the water has too much chlorine, we recommend that, before you put it through the filter, you let it stand in a plastic container for two hours until the chlorine evaporates.

How long does a filter last?
The Water purifier has a two-year warranty. We recommend changing it after that time.

Technical Description



To deliver drinking water to rural schools in Guatemala. We donate 1 filter per classroom and 1 for the kitchen.

To involve parents in the “Water for Life” program for kids to have access to purified water both at school and at home. Parents can acquire their Ecofiltro thanks to the affordable price level that Ecofiltro provides these rural families.

The representative of the community, assigned by Ecofiltro, contacts schools and identifies the most motivated and organized school where parents actively participate.

The delivery of the filters is scheduled. Ecofiltro explains

  • The importance of potable drinking water

  • The benefits of the Ecofiltro

  • The financing program (explanation of the payment plan)

The school Principal is responsible for inviting all the parents to the event, so as to ensure the leveraging of the donation.





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